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Group Photoshoots

Group Photoshoots give photographers experience shooting in a studio and building up your portfolio.  All the hard work is done for you organising the set, with model, costume and lighting all sorted out, and you just have the fun part of spending five minutes taking wonderful photos. This may not seem long but you can produce a lot of images in this time before the ideas run out. We then do the whole thing again with a different look using different costume and lighting. In all you will shoot five different sets for five minutes each, and have other photographers to chat to in between, with tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Group Photoshoots in the studio are on hold until it is safe to have a group of people indoors together.

Outdoor Photoshoots

Let me know if you would be interested in an outdoor group photoshoot for a small group of photographers and a model, and I will organise something if there is enough interest.

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How to Book

Book early to avoid disappointment. Contact me directly to reserve and pay for your place, as payment can not be accepted on the night. The first person with the money visible in my account secures the place.

How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

I will be on hand at all times to help with any problems that you have with camera settings and studio lighting, so this is suitable for all photographers, no matter what your level of experience is. All you need is a camera with a hot shoe fitting for flash, and the ability to use your camera in manual mode. Read my Guide to Photoshoots to learn more.​

Join My Facebook Studio Group 

I have created a Facebook Studio Group for everyone interested in my studio shoots. Join it to be notified of new shoots, and to be able to share your shots of the shoots you have joined us on.

Video Examples

I have posted some video examples below. of photoshoots that I have done, to give you some idea of what fun a photoshoot is in my studio, and what it feels like to shoot in a studio environment with a lovely model.