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If you like the photos I have created for you I would really appreciate you helping me and my business by giving me a reference, allowing me to publish some of the images on a blog post, and promoting me to your friends.

To Give a Reference

If you can add a reference and a star rating to my Google Business Page by clicking on this link. It will really help my business and is very much appreciated.


If you can also add a reference to my Facebook Business Reviews Page by clicking on this link, scrolling down the middle section to where it says 'Recommendations and reviews', and clicking on the 'Yes' button. This means a lot to me. It is OK if this is the same review that you posted for me elsewhere. 

Allow Me to Make a Blog Post

I would appreciate being allowed to add the best photos to a blog post, so that other people can see my work and judge for themselves if it is right for them. This may be all the images or only some of them, this is entirely up to you. I can promote you or any business you have in the post or leave it untagged or even without your name if this is better for you.


I always love feedback, as it is the only way to tell how well I am doing and show me the things that need improving. If you would like to help me by providing feedback on the things you liked and the things I need to improve on, then this would be very much appreciated. 

Refer a Friend

Of course the best thing anyone can do after a shoot is to tell all their friends how good the shoot was and recommend me to them, either by word of mouth or on social media. This would be very much appreciated and would really help my business. The best link to use in social media is to this website, or my Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Thank You

Thank you so much for supporting my business and allowing me to take your photographs. If you need any more photos or if I can help you, or your friends and family in any way, then please get back in touch with me.