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Chloe - Glamour & Model Photography

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

June 2019. Chloe is studying Criminology and Sociology at Exeter University and had started modelling in her spare time, especially during her summer vacation, so in between her summer job we finally arranged a studio Portrait Shoot to add to her model portfolio. We arranged two colour themes of red and gold and combined her lingerie and my wardrobe. Little did we know then that this was the start of a series of shoots together, where magical things just seemed to happen with our photos, and we had such fun with our similarly whacky senses of humour.

The reference she left me said - "Colin is very talented, organised and well prepared as he made a mood board. The setting was calm and relaxing and we made some stunning work. An absolute pleasure to be around and work with, also was very accommodating by providing food and communicating when I felt seriously drained. We are already planning our next shoot!

Thank you again Colin for a fabulous shoot. "

I left a reference for her, saying - "Ooh, ah, what a great first shoot with Chloe in my studio! We had already messaged a lot, as the shoot was planned a few weeks earlier, so we greeted each other, at her flat, as old friends and it just got better from there. I drove her to my studio and we very much hit the ground running with our planned red theme. We changed up to gold and cream after lunch and somehow got into role-playing characters and creating the most hilarious captions for the tethered pictures as they came on screen. We finished on a high, vowing to carry on very soon with all the other ideas spinning round in our heads. Total fun, often collapsing in laughter. Oh and, by the way, the pictures were great as well. We two nutters will be back together soon."

You can find Chloe on Purpleport, Instagram and Facebook.

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