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Who am I?

I am Colin Winstanley, a photographer specialising in people photography and photography training. I have been a pharmacist all my working life, but I am now semi-retired and work at this just two days a week. I bring with me a lifetime of experience of working with people, not only in pharmacy, but I am also skilled in coaching, and have an entrepreneurial streak by created and runing my own business as an online pharmacy for fifteen years. Personal development has been as passion of mine and has given me a special insight into my own mind, and also the ability to tune into how other people think and feel, and bring out the best in others. This has proven to be a wonderful gift relating to other people as a photographer.

My Background

I am Colin Winstanley, and I have been keen on photography since having my first camera at the age of 11. It has been a smouldering passion all my life, and I have done all the darkroom work and slideshows, and moved happily to digital and embraced computer editing with Photoshop. Three years ago I came back into photography seriously, starting with camera clubs, where I won Photographer of the Year for three years in a row. I then started working with models and doing studio work, discovering that I had a particular talent for this, so I opened my own studio, and have now taken photography as a profession. The feedback I have received from the people I have worked with has convinced me that I am on the right track. 

What Motivates Me?

I am Colin Winstanley, and I am motivated by the ability of photography to capture special moments in time. The more photographs I take, the more magical these moments appear to be. This is why I love working with people. Everyone is different, Everyone has their own unique story to tell, and their own unique personality to show. I love to bring this out in my creative portraits, and to highlight this in the personal brand photography I do with anyone who needs photos for their business which shows off their personality. I get such a buzz about working with people, finding out who they really are, and bringing this out in my photographs. I also love printing and encourage everyone to have the best photos printed and framed, or made into magazines or books. This is how these images will last, while the millions of digital images on social media just fly by and are forgotten. 

Working With Me

I am Colin Winstanley and I am looking to work with interesting people to create memorable images. Somehow, all my life experiences have come together to enable me to create a certain magic working with people. I specialise in creative portraits and working with entrepreneurs to show their personality using photos in their business. I seem to have a way of bringing out the shyest of people, to give someone confidence to be themselves in front of the camera, to learn how to act in front of the camera, what to wear, and how to pose. I would love to work with you to create some magical images that show your personality. 

I am Colin Winstanley, and in the last three years I have been collecting testimonials from people I have been working with. These have been my feedback on how I am doing, and I am constantly amazed at the lovely things people have to say about me, which go much further than the things I would ever dare to say about myself. This is the acid test for any business, as it is what people say about me, not what I am saying about myself. 

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