Thank You All

I am humbled by all the lovely testimonials and references people leave me after a shoot. It makes me realise that I am on the right track, and that people really appreciate what I do and love working with me. Colin.

Adding a Testimonial / Reference

I would very much appreciate any of my clients adding a testimonial or reference for me. Find out how you can do this by going to my Adding a Testimonial / Reference page.

Annie - June 2021 

What a delight it was to work with Colin on a recent, natural light shoot near my home in St Agnes, Cornwall. Colin was both delightful to work with as well as highly professional and the photos from the shoot were absolutely wonderful.

I highly recommend working with Colin and look forward to my next shoot with him.

Sam (Actor Headshots) - June 2021 

From start to finish I enjoyed very minute of the shoot. Colin made me feel very relaxed in front on the camera and gave some really useful advice. Having looked at the photographs that were taken I am really pleased with them. I would definitely ask Colin to take my headshots again in the future as I know they will turn out well.

Amy - August 2020

Wow. Is the first word that comes to mind when I think back to working with Colin yesterday. An incredibly professional character with an ever-flowing creativity line! Our personalities collided and we became friends very quickly! A genuine human being and a fantastic photographer! Always willing to learn more and striding in nothing but the best results for the model and himself, as the photographer. I highly recommend Colin and I unequivocally believe that working with Colin with be the best experience you’ll ever have in this industry!

Carrie (Third Shoot) - May 2020

Third shoot working with Colin, on location might I add, Colin and I share the love and inspiration for the photographer Helmut Newton so we decided to rustle up some shots which would be closely inspired by that genre of photography, with an array of lingerie and outfits to chose from, Colin and I played around with different types of lingerie, utilising my house as the perfect location for a shoot like this, I would very much recommend Colin. He is a very patient and very forthcoming photographer, I felt very comfortable shooting with him and am looking forward to our next shoot. Thanks a bunch!

Chloe (Fifth Shoot) - March 2020

This is mine and Colin's 5th shoot and we both know that the 5th shoot is a special milestone. So we decided to go big with it, me and Colin had initial ideas to do a "pink themed" shoot, which originally started as a fleeting comment and a casting call I had created in November last year. Colin had contributed to the ideas of the shoot and made the extra effort to make sure this shoot was our best one yet. He had everything prepared, even went to the shops for extra bits and had provided some outfits in advanced for me to look at and try on. I am happy to have someone like Colin as a friend who understood the vision I had and how to go about it. The shoot went so amazingly well and smooth that we have already discussed the next shoot, which will be heavily inspired by this one. Thank you again Colin, I look forward to many more shoots with you in the future!

Hollie - March 2020

I can’t recommend working with Colin enough for shoots. That’s a plural because you will want multiple. Colin instantly puts you at ease with his warm and talkative nature, it shan’t be long until it feels like you’re in the company of an old friend even on a first time meeting. His knowledge of photography and lighting only compliments his natural talent behind the camera, he recognises the best angles and poses for you. Continuous feedback until you’re hitting the nail on the head with posing and Colin will become very quiet with feedback becoming statements such as enthused “wow’s”. A small but mighty studio where creativity can flow between both the photographer and model to create some incredibly fantastic and exciting imagery.

Colin also has a keen eye for style, helping when you can’t quite decide what to wear or if an outfit doesn’t feel quite right. Don’t even get me started on his fantastic organised costume range that has happy for you to pick and choose from.

I left the shoot reeling with the joy, the joy was only heightened the moment I got to see the end result of what we created! A truly respectable and fantastic photographer.

Sammie (Third Shoot) - March 2020

Our next shoot was involving a lot of different styles throughout the whole shoot, it definitely was one of the creative shoots we had created together. I had originally told Colin that I wanted to test out some creative art nude shots. This shoot was a test for one of our up coming events, we started off with a white beautiful lingerie lace set with a white backdrop and some elegant body shapes.


We then went onto a darker set with a lingerie lace bodysuit of mine where we used a darker backdrop , Colin had set up a few different lighting settings which was different to some of our recent work together. He even marked a spot on the floor to make sure I stayed within the lights to create the same look in each photo as I had a light behind me and two lights to the sides of me which caused less room to move to pose within.


Colin is amazing to work with and I cant wait to carry on working within him.

Sammie (Group Shoot) - February 2020

Our 3rd shoot was in fact a group shoot where me and Colin organised a session were 6 photographers could attend and learn studio photography with his guidance.


I felt honoured being the first model Colin had organised a shoot event with, I was a lot of fun and I can't wait to organise many more with him. Colin had the outfits prepared and ready for me when I turned up to the shoot. Before the event we sat down for lunch and Colin was helping me fix my website and my portfolio while making it sound more professional and look more clean, we even changed a few of the outfits at last minuet as Colin had loved a few of the outfits I had brought along and swapped them out and included a few of my outfits into the line up for the event.


The photographers started to turn up, they all were all friendly to work with. Colin started speaking to them regarding what they would create within the event while teaching them the basics. Colin was great to work with during the event and he even protected me and made sure I was safe half way through the event when a photographer started to give off a uncomfortable vibe.

Ron (Group Shoot) - February 2020

My first shoot at Colin Winstanley's studio went well. Colin met us at the door on time. Colin's arrangements went well during our 3 hr group shoot with Samantha King. Thank Colin look forward to my next shoot at your studio.

Glen (Group Shoot) - February 2020

Had my first group shoot at Colin Winstanley on 24 February. I am new to photography (6 months) it was a fantastic experience. Colin was very welcoming and friendly, with teas, coffees and biscuits aplenty😊 The Shoot was well managed and I gained a lot of knowledge about lighting, portrait techniques, etc from Colin. Sammie the model was great and very professional, the posses she made without my direction allowed me to concentrate on the photography which was a great help. The other photographers at the shoot were a source of endless photography knowledge and very friendly. I am looking forward to the next group shoot.

Sammie (Second Shoot) - February 2020 - Posted as Two Blogs, Valentine's Day and Glamour Shoot

My second shoot with Colin consisted of some lighter looks involving both our wardrobes, Colin was great to work with again and worked smoothly within creating some beautiful images with me.

We managed to involve my princess crown into some cute pastel pink valentines shoot looks where we sat there for at least an hour setting up the balloons and the backdrop setting for the idea I had wanted for the images. However with the ideas I had brought along to the shoot he did end up using the exact same back drop setting with similar props for a shoot with another model a few weeks after which caused both our shoots to look extremely similar without us knowing.


Even though I have only just started offering lighter looks within shoots Colin always makes me feel comfortable within our shoots.


After we created the valentines themed shoot we went forward after lunch onto my Beetle juice shoot idea which involved my stripy blazer with some small black pants and Colin's bowler hat, this look was another lighter look for me but Colin had insured me that the look suited me and that the images would make a great addon to my portfolio.


We then went onto one of my favourite pieces in Colin's wardrobe which was a beautiful blue jean jumpsuit , where we went onto a darker lighting setting. The jumpsuit fitted me like a glove and I always find my way back to it on every shoot. We created some beautiful portraits, full length fashion shots including some images within the jumpsuit for my content page, let me just say that one set of images have been one of the many favourite looks we have created together.

Cyndi - February 2020

Had an amazing shoot, was super nervous. Colin put me at ease very quickly, lovely gentleman, a very fun shoot with some amazing results. Highly recommended. (Google).

Had an amazing day with the wonderful Colin, made me feel super comfortable had an awesome shoot, was truly left blown away by the images, thank you so much, highly recommended. (Facebook) 

Kat - February 2020

I recently had the pleasure of working with Colin again and as always it was a sheer joy to work with him. We came up with some great images, that I'm extremely happy with. Colin was very professional as always and we had a lot of laughs!

Tracy - January 2020

I just want to say a massive thank you to Colin. I needed a photo to add to a very special award id been given. I knew i wanted a really special photo of me and the only way to get this was to seek out a professional photographer. I contacted Colin after looking through some of his work on his web site. Not only was I impressed with his work but his costs compared to other photographers were extremely reasonable. I came to Colin quite nervous but Colin and his lovely wife were so welcoming I was soon at ease. Colin took his time and took a series of photos of me in different head and shoulder positions. He was so lovely i felt i'd made a friend at the end of the shoot. The first photo came through to me later that day. I couldn't believe his efficiency. But best of all I can honestly say hand on heart I am overwhelmed with the photos. They're spectacular!!! I posted one immediately on my face book and the comments I have received couldn't be more complementary. I can't believe how wonderful the photos are. My goodness this man is an artist!! I still feel on cloud 9 from the images. I wish I hadn't waited for a moment in my life that needed a professional photo because it has boosted my self esteem so much. I would recommend Colin to any one. He's truly amazing. Thank you so much Colin

Carrie (Second Shoot) - January 2020

A second shoot with Colin, and we still played with the contrast of dark and light themes but this time, experimenting with dress wear and the colour scheme of pink and black. I loved the outcome of the images, they resonated with me so well and I cannot wait to work with Colin again.

Sammie (First Shoot) - January 2020

There is so much good things to say about my shoot with Colin. After months of speaking to Colin regarding a shoot we finally got the chance to work together and it was honestly as amazing and fun as I hoped.

Colin's pre communications was on point and professional from the start to the finish, he was friendly, creative and easy to talk to and fun be around not only that but his hospitality skills was amazing and made me feel right at home while I felt comfortable within the shoot.

He had such an beautiful selection of wardrobe pieces that went perfectly with the wardrobe pieces I had brought along also, I didn't get the chance to use every piece that I wanted to but I will be able to create many of awesome looks with them pieces on our next shoot.

Not only did Colin help me branch out of my comfort zone but he was very patient with me when it came to me trying more lighter looks compared to my typical day to day looks and made sure that I felt comfortable and happy throughout the whole shoot.

We worked together so smoothly to the point half way through the shoot we were already discussing so many other shoot ideas.

Colin was such a honour to work with and I can't wait to work with him again.

I highly recommend to all beginners and professional models

Thank you for an amazing shoot, see you soon.

Samantha x

Dela - December 2019

It was such a good day, I didn't realise modelling could be fun like that! I loved your dressing up wardrobe, you have a great sense of style. Thank you for all the advice on posing for the shots, I will be practicing in front of the mirror for the next photoshoot.

Mima - October 2019

Colin is wonderful!

He has a very calming aura which is good if you are a new model or are nervous. He is very kind, positive, encouraging and professional.

I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Colin and look forward to doing more! He allows the model's creative side to flow, listens as well as directing well.

I 100% recommend Colin. Most certainly one of the best photographers I have worked with!
- and lunch was lovely too! Haha!

Thank you Colin, I look forward to seeing you again!

Rachel Paginton (Gershwins) - October 2019

My shoot with Colin was my first ever time doing anything like this! I was quite nervous but Colin was very calming and helped me come out of my shell. The shoot was really professional and Colin was happy for me to do what I wanted as well as provide direction if I needed. I would highly recommend Colin to anyone especially those who are new to this!

Chelsea - October 2019

I had a second shoot with colin which was amazing he helped build my confidence back up which is just what I needed. We got to shoot a outfit I had recently made which again colin done a fantastic job of making it look truly stunning. I Would recommend colin to anybody as he is a great photographer but also very welcoming when visiting him and his studio.

Always a pleasure to work with colin and his fantastic wardrobe selection, We share many ideas and I look forward to many shoots in the coming future.

Hannah - September 2019

Had a shoot with Colin 2 days ago at his home studio. He picked me up from my house which was really kind since it saved me having to faff around with trains and buses, I was running late as well and Colin moved the time back to allow for that. Conversation was easy and it wasn’t awkward at all, we got to his home and I met his lovely wife, we shot for a while and then had lunch together which was really sweet and much appreciated then got back to shooting again. Colin was very good at communicating what he wanted and we worked together really well. It was a very nice fun and relaxed day. Would highly recommend.

Shannon - September 2019

This was my second time shooting with Colin, this time we chose a location shoot. Colin was there early and greeted me before we continued with the shoot. We managed to get a high amount of stunning images in such a small area and the time went very quickly. Very pleasant to work with, would recommend.

Lina - September 2019

I've done two shots with Colin. He is a professional, very talented, safe, understanding, organized and relaxing photographer also a friendly personality. I felt relaxing environment in his studio, i was myself and comfortable. I am photographer as well, i was amazed of his photography skills. i learnt a lot from him. We got a great results ! The photos we produced were incredible, high quality and i could't be happier. Definitely i would recommend Colin and i will back again.

Carrie - August 2019

As a model working with Colin for the very first time, I am utterly impressed and astounded with the similar vision we shared for our first test shoot in the studio. I brought along a range of outfits and we both decided that we would like to show the progression from dark to light. I would strongly recommend Colin as a photographer, we had a great time on the shoot and had a bunch of laughs. I felt at ease with the shoot and the range of emotions showed in the photos he took for me. Thank You Colin, I look forward to working with you again.

Iana - August 2019

Definitely recommended! Had a lovely shoot with Colin about a week ago. It was first time I had work with him and I found it very easy and relaxing. He given me the time needed to get ready for shoot in his studio which is very well organised, there were nothing I would need and not be able to find, very handy! Colin had a very professional approach and let me come with my ideas without imposing or insisting only on his owns. Even it was firs time to shoot with Colin, I’ve enjoyed and I believe we got a great results! He also been very kind to pick me up and drive me back home. Thank you Colin for the beautiful shoot!

Chelsea - August 2019

Great first shoot with Colin.

I was made to feel very welcome by Colin and his wife. 

We shared many ideas and share similar style. Colin has a fantastic selection of outfits / styles to choose from with many creative ideas.

Looking forward to our next shoot.

Emma - August 2019

I had my first shoot with Colin yesterday and it was a very productive day! Colin had already been at the location I had suggested for an hour prior to my arrival so scout out the best spots. This made things a lot easier to get the ball rolling!


In the first instance I felt a little bit awkward due to being out of my comfort zone and having only known Colin for 5 minutes but that soon changed when we both found a way that worked for both of us! With many costume changes and a quick coffee stop we managed to create some beautiful images and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished products!


Overall, Colin is a really lovely, warm person who certainly makes the day a lot of fun! We have already arranged another shoot with lots of different styles! Can’t wait!


Thank you again for a fabulous day!

Mimi-rose x

Beth - July 2019

Colin showed up on time, had scouted the area for an hour already so already had a few ideas upon my arrival. The images I have are beautiful and he let me choose my favourite images to be edited. Couldn't ask for more!

Chloe - July 2019 

Well to start with, we are shooting again on the 17th of August. So it is evident we are going to have plenty of collaborations. Going to a beach this time, we both brought a selection of outfits and accessories to work with and it went so well! He is an absolute laugh and we spent the time having so much fun! It's really hard to narrow down my favourite images and also can't believe he already has a first edit up yesterday!


See you in a few weeks my fellow nutter 

Kenika - July 2019

I had a great first shoot with Colin. We got on well from the start and he made sure to be aware of my style and interests. We gave my idea on 'domestic diva' a go and Colin was very encouraging as it took me a while to build up my confidence. We didn't get to do all the looks we hoped for as we only managed to squeeze in the shoot before my flight but Colin was very understanding.


Looking forward to work with him again when I'm back - thank you for a lovely shoot!

Katy - July 2019

I did my first shoot with Colin and he was amazing. Both Colin and his wife are so welcoming. His wife made us lunch which was beautiful! Down to earth people. As it was my first shoot, I was a little nervous which Colin picked up on and put me to ease straight away. He helped me with directions when he could tell I was looking for some. 100% recommend Colin. He has a great little workshop and dressing room, with plenty clothing to choose from.


Thank you Colin!

Blondetravels - July 2019

An amazing first shoot with Colin! He is a great person to get a long with and we clicked right away enabling us to get absolutely fantastic content in the studio and on location to end with! We had such a laugh, and it creates a very relaxed environment to shoot in with such a lovely person. The photos we produced are incredible and I couldn’t be happier with how the day went. He was very accommodating providing me with food throughout the day and provided transport too (as I live in Exeter). An overall wonderful day and I look forward to working with him more regularly. I would recommend to EVERY model. Thanks Colin!

Nicky Phillips - July 2019

I have just had the most wonderful shoot with Colin at his home studio. Colin was wonderful, great pre comms. The shoot went so well, we chatted, we laughed, we got some amazing images. I look forward to the next time.

Thank you for having me.

Nicky x 

Carla Monaco - June 2019

It was great to catch up and work with Colin again on the Chris Conway workshop earlier this month down in Paignton, Devon.

Colin is always super lovely, easy going and 100% professional, always producing top quality images.

Thank you so much for a great shoot.



Adeline - June 2019

Had a wonderful first shoot with Collin on Friday, was so polite, bubbly and welcoming ☺️ Felt immediately comfortable and spent time getting to know one another during our shoot. Will definitely be shooting with him again and I look forward to it ☺️


Highly recommend, Thank you again

Adaline x

Lillly-Belle - June 2019

Had another shoot with Colin, so many now, I'm loosing count! But each one is unique in its own way and we still have plenty more to come.

Our original plan for the day was to head to the beach for a shoot, but due to the weather, thankfully we had Colin's lovely studio to fall back on.

Mixing up Colin's clothes collection and some outfits I had brought along, we thought was a great combination that worked together and complimented each other.

We worked our way though a few sets, with breaks for coffee and a delicious homemade lunch too, Colin looks after his models.

We finished the day having already booked the next date in! x

Chloe - June 2019

Colin is very talented, organised and well prepared as he made a mood board. The setting was calm and relaxing and we made some stunning work. An absolute pleasure to be around and work with, also was very accommodating by providing food and communicating when I felt seriously drained. We are already planning our next shoot!

Thank you again Colin for a fabulous shoot 😊

Freya - June 2019

Colin got in touch asking if I could take him to many locations I know around the moors for some awesome shots so of course I obliged  Colin is such a joyful character and easy to get along with. He brought all the equipment he needed for the shoot and was even nice enough to bring us lunch  The sun was harsh on the day but Colin did his best to find the optimum place to take the shots from to get the best pictures possible.

We got some great shots throughout the day and I really do hope to model for Colin again soon.

Shannon - May 2019

Has my first shoot with Colin on the 19th, he creates a very welcoming atmosphere. His home studio has a huge collection of outfits to choose and he lets you have free rein.

He works at a high standard and cooks a delicious bolognese!

Would definitely recommend.

Sophie - May 2019

My first shoot with colin went amazingly!!

Lovely man and a great photographer, the only struggle was stopping laughing 

The shots produced are great and he made me feel super comfortable, looking forward to working with him again.

Lilly-Belle - May 2019

This was my fourth shoot with Colin where I went to his home studio. As usual, Colin looked after me well with coffee breaks and lunch. Not to mention lots of chats to plan our shoot accordingly with reference to mood boards he had printed out. I always admire Colin's excellent organisation, which also means being able to find outfits easily in Colin's fabulous wardrobe collection.

We both experimented with new styles and I left confident we got the shots we were after.

Colin is always efficient in sending back edited pictures in a quick time frame, which I love as I am always excited to see what we have produced!

Looking forward to our next shoot already!

Trinity - May 2019

Colin was wonderful to work with. Originally I came to the shoot as a Friend for another model. But, soon after having a look at his collection and sharing ideas with him, I had to jump in front of the camera.

Colin is sweet, skilled and prioritises his models comfort. To give an example, I have slight nervous issues which he was incredibly understanding about. He constantly provided reassurance and laughs and allowed us to take as many breaks as we needed. He provided transport too and from the shoot, and even made us a homemade meal.

I cannot wait to work with him again!

Georgina-Grace - May 2019

Had a fantastic shoot with Colin and captured some fabulous images. He was very understanding about my request for a chaperone and even provided lunch lol.

Courteney - April 2019

3rd shoot with Colin, and I’m sure we get better each time! We did a location shoot around Totnes and the outcome was great. Colin was just as easy to work with and professional as always and I already can’t wait to create more amazing images very soon. 

Lilly-Belle - April 2019

This was my third shoot with Colin and we decided to go out on location in Plymouth city centre, finding quirky places to be photographed. Then we continued the shoot at my place.

Colin arrived on time and prepared with a selection of outfits. We had a relaxed yet productive day. We chatted lots, including the direction we want to head in which is always useful and produced some lovely images that I am proud of.

Colin was good at styling for the street fashion image we were going for and we was able to put together a suitable outfit to head out in.

He has a good eye for spotting ideal spots to take some interesting photos.

Colin and I are already planning another shoot!

Thanks for a lovely day, Colin! x

Lilly-Belle - April 2019

Second shoot with Colin and it went so well! I fully enjoyed myself from start to finish. We have so many ideas, there isn't enough time to do them all! But will be sure to come back again to do some more!

Colin goes above and beyond to ensure a productive and successful day. From hand painting back drops, having a vast wardrobe selection to choose from to providing lunch too! Very well looked after!

As for the images, I am so pleased with them! Colin tries different things in the studio to create the quality pictures we so desire.

Thanks again, Colin - highly recommend!

Jade - March 2019

Me and my partner worked with Colin recently, on a couple shoot.

It was different to every other couple shoot we’ve done in the past, which is exactly what we all wanted from it.

Colin was fun, friendly and professional to work with. We came up with some lovely ideas and had a very productive day.

Very happy and pleased with all of the images we’ve been sent back. I would love to work with him again as I love his work.

Thanks Colin!

Cobwxbs Cosplay - March 2019

worked with Colin on saturday with my partner and had an amazing shoot! we got some incredible images and worked really well together. He was easy to get along with and had some really fun, inventive ideas for us to work. he helped me learn a few new things and increase my confidence. would highly recommend!

Paige - March 2019

Had my second shoot with colin today and more amazing than the first and the first shoot we did together we gained a fpi! Incredibly professional, friendly, funny and his guidance was spot on as always when trying to create Images, again very hospitable with lunch and lots of lovely tea, hands down I would 100% recommend Colin to shoot with, thank you again for another amazing and successful shoot ☺️

Lilly-Belle - March 2019

After working with Colin for the first time, I found him to be most professional in his approach to the shoot. He was easy to work with and I really enjoyed myself. Hope to shoot again soon.

Skylar - March 2019

Colin is amazing to work with super friendly and chatty, he has helped me tremendously with my modelling giving me tips and guiding me through what works and what doesn’t work. I have learnt a lot and would love to work with you again in the future.

Nikki - March 2019

Colin is a truly remarkable individual from styling to post shoot the communication is second to none. He is warm, bubbly and full of professionalism. His commitment and drive to getting high quality results is admirable and his energy is simply infectious. I enjoyed idea bouncing beforehand as well as his flexibility during to adapt and work with ideas as they developed. As a model I highly rate Colin and have felt comfortable exploring all levels because he makes you feel at ease from the get go, and there is mutual respect and trust. Thank you for my images and I look forward to exploring future ideas together.

Kat4 - February 2019

This was my second shoot with Colin, and it was even more fun than the first one! The time went way too quickly, he also kindly provided lunch which was lovely. Colin is a fantastic photographer, and takes incredible shots.

Lia - February 2019

Excellent photographer. Extremely professional and incredible at what he does. Would recommend to anyone.

Courteney - January 2019

Had my second shoot with Colin today and had just as much fun as the first! We had so many ideas that we came up with and even though we ran out of time, we got some amazing sets which I’m super proud of. Colin is very professional, and makes you feel at ease, as well as having a great sense of humour! Thanks for another great day creating wonderful images!