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Imogen & Ryan - Sensual Couples Photoshoot

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Sep 2023 - Wonderful sensual couples photoshoot with Imogen and Ryan, where they wanted more than just a normal couples photoshoot and were happy to be more daring with their poses and costumes, so that they ended up with something even more special to remind them that they were more than just a mum and dad of three children.

This is an example of just one of the styles that I shoot for couples photography .

We started off simply with their chosen formal outfits. Ryan in his wedding suit and Imogen in her favourite evening dress.

Imogen then chose a beautiful red dress from my costume collection, which was more slinky and sensual and allowed for freer poses.

The next set was more sensual for the couple, borrowing the white linen shirt and lace wrap from my costume collection.

The couple sat on my posing stool to try some sensual couples poses where they are sitting together. Here using the white linen shirt and pink frilly nightwear set from my costume collection.

Next onto pure lingerie for both of the couple.

Imogen gave me a lovely reference for the shoot. "Wow! What an amazing photographer. Me and my husband were welcomed into Colin’s studio for a couples shoot. My husband​ hasn’t been in front of the camera before and Colin made him feel very relaxed and comfortable, as he did with me. He talked us through the whole shoot being very professional at all times. Our photos came out spectacular! Will be definitely modelling for him again soon. Thank you Colin."

I also has a play with adding artificial intelligence created backgrounds in Photoshop, which seemed to add an extra something to the images, so that they look as though therywere taken on location rather than in the studio.

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