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I do commercial photography with people and locations, so headshots, fashion shoots and location or studio shoots for small or large businesses. All businesses need photos for their website or social media, and while many businesses can get away with doing their own photography for some shots, the extra quality of having a professional photoshoot can lift your images to a higher level. No business is too small to work with me, as I enjoy working with entrepreneurs of businesses of all sizes. 

Personal Brand Photography Devon

I offer personal brand photography, working with small business owners, creatives and social media personalities to create coherent brand images for their online presence. I see this as very different from the usual portrait or editorial photography usually offered.

Social Media Photography Devon


Businesses need photos for their social media, website and publications.

Location Photography Devon


I love exploring locations to shoot in, which create their own magic in a photograph, and provide a backdrop to set the mood for a scene.

Headshots. Photography Devon


Every business and individual needs headshots to promote their business or to showcase their personal brand as themselves.


Fashion photography shoots are needed by both small, independent brands and for social media for the larger brands.

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