All businesses and individuals need headshots to promote themselves on their website or in social media, and this is one of the services I offer, as headshot photography from my Devon studio in Newton Abbot or at your place of work or on location.

Without a headshot there is nothing to show anyone who you really are, so that they can develop trust in you as a person. It is the most important chance you get to show that you are someone worth knowing, as a photo conveys far more than words ever can, and a poor headshot can ruin all the effort you have made to persuade someone to work with you. As such it is worth taking the time and effort required to get the best image you can.

A headshot is subtly different to a portrait and is usually aimed to be a straightforward image so that you can be easily recognised, but can still show your personality and your location where this is appropriate and adds to the whole effect. So, a good headshot for a solicitor would look different to that of a footballer a musician, an actor, a model, an entrepreneur, or a chef. I tailor your headshot to the image you wish to convey, so that you will be shown in the right light (pun intended).

Your headshot can be the most important photograph you have to showcase your personality or establish your personal brand, and this can be shot as part of a Personal Brand Photography package which gives you a variety of photos to use on your website, social media or for print. 

Using the same headshot as your avatar across all your social media sites will establish you as the centre of your own personal brand, which can then be multiplied by adding related images into the mix. Just make sure that your headshot really represents you well.

My studio is ideal for headshots in Newton Abbot, Devon or I can shoot at your place of work or on location.


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