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Hollie - Portrait & Dance Photography

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

March 2020. This shoot captured the highs and lows of emotions in one day. I was so amazed to find such a wonderful pole dancer as Hollie, who wanted to shoot with me. She does such bendy gymnastics that I didn't even think was possible. This shoot was to get to know each other before organising a pole dancing shoot, which would stretch me into ares I had not shot before. I had always wanted to shoot dance, gymnastics and movement, and here was my perfect model. Our first shoot was amazing. So many great images. However, she dropped in the spoiler. Just a day or two before she had decided to emigrate to New Zealand next month, rather than next year. I was devastated. Bang goes the dance photos. However, let's celebrate the wonderful studio shoot we did on that day, starting with the dance poses.

We also did full length portraits, to showcase the poise which only a dancer has, and had a play with my dressing up wardrobe.

Naturally, we did some half length and pure headshot photographs as well.

This is an example of the sort of photographs I take for Dance Photography, Portrait Photography and Headshot Photography. I shoot this style of dance photographs, portrait photographs and headshot photographs throughout Devon especially the Exeter, Plymouth and Torbay areas, and am based in Newton Abbot. Click on the links for more details.

Here is the reference she left for me - "I can’t recommend working with Colin enough for shoots. That’s a plural because you will want multiple. Colin instantly puts you at ease with his warm and talkative nature, it shan’t be long until it feels like you’re in the company of an old friend even on a first time meeting. His knowledge of photography and lighting only compliments his natural talent behind the camera, he recognises the best angles and poses for you. Continuous feedback until you’re hitting the nail on the head with posing and Colin will become very quiet with feedback becoming statements such as enthused “wow’s”. A small but mighty studio where creativity can flow between both the photographer and model to create some incredibly fantastic and exciting imagery.

Colin also has a keen eye for style, helping when you can’t quite decide what to wear or if an outfit doesn’t feel quite right. Don’t even get me started on his fantastic organised costume range that has happy for you to pick and choose from.

I left the shoot reeling with the joy, the joy was only heightened the moment I got to see the end result of what we created! A truly respectable and fantastic photographer."

Hollie can be found on Facebook as freeing_faye, and on Instagram as Hollie Cullen.

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