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Lenka - Vogue Fashion Inspired

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Sep 2023 - Wonderful Vogue fashion inspired shoot with Lenka. We agreed beforehand on the theme, and created a moodboard to work from. Now, Vogue fashion means a lot, as Vogue has created a brand around the styling of their shoots, which incorporates the best of natural glamour, fashion, with a hint of the erotic. This was just what we were both looking for to add to my fashion photography portfolio.

Here is a composite fashion photo where we were trying to capture movement by flicking the hair, and the best image used the hair from one photo and the hands from another. This created more than just a fashion photograph.

Vogue fashion photography inspired image

Lenka brought a white dress which was absolutely right for the Vogue fashion style, so I used high key lighting to emphasise it. I loved the killer red heels.

I suggested one of my favourite dresses from my dressing-up wardrobe, and Lenka fell in love with it as the red colour and the flowing style suited her so well. I really like the more unusual fashion photography poses she created.

Black leather style trousers and a black bra top, coupled with a black jacket give a simple yet elegant fashion statement.

Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn was the inspiration for the fashion style for this set, matching Lenka's white top with my hat, gloves and sunglasses and giving a very Vogue style to a fashion photoshoot.

Lenka is a full time businesswoman and part time model. You can find her at and

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