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Carrie - Personal Brand Photography

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

August 2019. First shoot with new model Carrie who is a drama student at Exeter University. She is very involved in the struggles in Hong Kong at the moment, having been born and spent a large part of her life there, and writes rather deep poetry about the struggles for personal freedom that are happening there. She wanted the mood of the session to reflect this darker side of her personality.

This is an example different styled that I shoot, such as Personal Brand Photography and Portrait Photography. Contact me for details if you are interested in having your photograph taken in any of these styles.

The testimonial/reference she left for me said - "As a model working with Colin for the very first time, I am utterly impressed and astounded with the similar vision we shared for our first test shoot in the studio. I brought along a range of outfits and we both decided that we would like to show the progression from dark to light. I would strongly recommend Colin as a photographer, we had a great time on the shoot and had a bunch of laughs. I felt at ease with the shoot and the range of emotions showed in the photos he took for me. Thank You Colin, I look forward to working with you again."

Carrie can be found on Facebook as Carrie Neilson, Instagram as Carrie Neilson and Purpleport as Gipsy Princess.

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