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Shannon - Glamour & Model Photography

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

May 2019. Shannon had just started modelling as a hobby. Having done a couple of shoots with other photographers she came to my studio to build her modelling portfolio. She had the sort of natural, wide-eyed look that the camera loves. We explored various portrait and glamour looks using a very soft light.

This is an example of the sort of photographs I take for Portrait Photography.

The reference she left for me said -

"Has my first shoot with Colin on the 19th, he creates a very welcoming atmosphere. His home studio has a huge collection of outfits to choose and he lets you have free rein.

He works at a high standard and cooks a delicious bolognese!

Would definitely recommend."

My reference for her said - "Lovely first shoot with Shannon. She came in a bit stiff and wooden but after we played around with expressions, poses and mood left as a much happier and more relaxed model. Shannon is great fun to work with and has a 'can do' disposition. The camera loves her, and I would add that I have not Photoshopped her eyes, they are actually that big and bold. She was able to bring different moods into the pictures as we changed styles, from wide eyed and innocent to downright sassy. Looking forward to our next shoot."

Shannon can be found on Purpleport, Instagram and Facebook.

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