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Sammie - Valentine's Day Photoshoot

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

February 2020. My second photoshoot with Sammie, from Exeter, Devon, where she suggested a Valentine's Day theme. Now I have shied away from themes like this because so many of the images I have seen produced have been rather naff, but Sammie was so enthusiastic that I was swayed to try it, knowing that I had bought a helium cylinder kit for blowing up balloons. In the end I was really glad that we tried this, though I must thank Sammie for her patience over my very slow balloon blowing skills. The best thing was also that I produced a video to show what a photoshoot like this feels like. Unfortunately my Wix website does not let me show this without black bars either side.

The shoot consisted of three costume changes, with the middle one using a dress that I had just been given by another model that happened to be just the right colour.

The testimonial/reference that Sammie left for me for this shoot said "My second shoot with Colin consisted of some lighter looks involving both our wardrobes, Colin was great to work with again and worked smoothly within creating some beautiful images with me. We managed to involve my princess crown into some cute pastel pink valentines shoot looks where we sat there for at least an hour setting up the balloons and the backdrop setting for the idea I had wanted for the images. However with the ideas I had brought along to the shoot he did end up using the exact same back drop setting with similar props for a shoot with another model a few weeks after which caused both our shoots to look extremely similar without us knowing.

Even though I have only just started offering lighter looks within shoots Colin always makes me feel comfortable within our shoots.

After we created the valentines themed shoot we went forward after lunch onto my Beetle juice shoot idea which involved my stripy blazer with some small black pants and Colin's bowler hat, this look was another lighter look for me but Colin had insured me that the look suited me and that the images would make a great addon to my portfolio.

We then went onto one of my favourite pieces in Colin's wardrobe which was a beautiful blue jean jumpsuit , where we went onto a darker lighting setting. The jumpsuit fitted me like a glove and I always find my way back to it on every shoot. We created some beautiful portraits, full length fashion shots including some images within the jumpsuit for my content page, let me just say that one set of images have been one of the many favourite looks we have created together."

This is an example of the sort of photographs I take for Portrait Photography. I shoot portraits of all types throughout Devon especially the Exeter, Plymouth and Torbay areas and am based in Newton Abbot. Click on the links for more details.

Sammie can be found on Facebook as Samantha Alternative Freelance Model, Instagram as Samantha, and Purpleport as Samantha9.

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