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Sammie - Group Shoot - Glamour

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

24th February 2020. My first group shoot with Sammie, where we are shooting 'Portraits with a glamour edge'. The shoot will be for 5 photographers, shooting 5 sets for 5 minutes each. Cost £25, 6.30-9.30. You can arrive from 6.15 onwards.

The shoot will be in my studio at 43 Larkspur Drive, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1SD. There is parking in the drive for one car, and reasonable street parking. This is a new road and may not be on all sat navs and maps but is here on Google Maps. Note that the access to my studio is now only from Ashburton Road along Meadow Rise, as the entrance to Larkspur Drive from Mile End Road has now been closed.

Read my Guide to Photoshoots to see the settings needed for your camera.

See my blog posts about my personal shoots with Sammie - First shoot, Second shoot to come.

The 5 photographers are -

This is an example of a Group Photoshoot that I do as part of my service to Working With Photographers. I have created a Facebook Studio Group for everyone interested in my studio shoots. Join it to be notified of new shoots, and to be able to share your shots of the shoots you have joined us on.

Here are the Testimonials/References that were left about this photoshoot -

"Our 3rd shoot was in fact a group shoot where me and Colin organised a session were 6 photographers could attend and learn studio photography with his guidance.

I felt honoured being the first model Colin had organised a shoot event with, I was a lot of fun and I can't wait to organise many more with him. Colin had the outfits prepared and ready for me when I turned up to the shoot. Before the event we sat down for lunch and Colin was helping me fix my website and my portfolio while making it sound more professional and look more clean, we even changed a few of the outfits at last minuet as Colin had loved a few of the outfits I had brought along and swapped them out and included a few of my outfits into the line up for the event.

The photographers started to turn up, they all were all friendly to work with. Colin started speaking to them regarding what they would create within the event while teaching them the basics. Colin was great to work with during the event and he even protected me and made sure I was safe half way through the event when a photographer started to give off a uncomfortable vibe." - Sammie (Model).

"My first shoot at Colin Winstanley's studio went well. Colin met us at the door on time. Colin's arrangements went well during our 3 hr group shoot with Samantha King. Thank Colin look forward to my next shoot at your studio." - Ron Andrews.

"Had my first group shoot at Colin Winstanley on 24 February. I am new to photography (6 months) it was a fantastic experience. Colin was very welcoming and friendly, with teas, coffees and biscuits aplenty😊 The Shoot was well managed and I gained a lot of knowledge about lighting, portrait techniques, etc from Colin. Sammie the model was great and very professional, the posses she made without my direction allowed me to concentrate on the photography which was a great help. The other photographers at the shoot were a source of endless photography knowledge and very friendly. I am looking forward to the next group shoot." - Glen Budgen.

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