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Chloe - Birthday & Glamour Shoot

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

March 2020. This was my fifth shoot with Chloe, and a special event, as it was for her 23rd birthday. However, her birthday was last December, and we had started planning this back in November, but it was still March before things all come together and we managed to shoot. However, it was worth the wait. The main theme was pink, balloons and princess, so this is how we started.

We carried on with a fun, but less princess styled outfit that I had.

We continued with more dramatic lighting, getting away from the pink theme.

We ended up with a couple of fun themes to finish off.

While editing I started playing around with compositing some of these photos onto backgrounds I had taken, and it seemed to work rather well.

This is an example of the sort of photographs I take for Portrait Photography. I shoot portraits of all types throughout Devon especially the Exeter, Plymouth and Torbay areas and am based in Newton Abbot. Click on the links for more details.

The testimonial/reference that Chloe left for me for this shoot said "This is mine and Colin's 5th shoot and we both know that the 5th shoot is a special milestone. So we decided to go big with it, me and Colin had initial ideas to do a "pink themed" shoot, which originally started as a fleeting comment and a casting call I had created in November last year. Colin had contributed to the ideas of the shoot and made the extra effort to make sure this shoot was our best one yet. He had everything prepared, even went to the shops for extra bits and had provided some outfits in advanced for me to look at and try on. I am happy to have someone like Colin as a friend who understood the vision I had and how to go about it. The shoot went so amazingly well and smooth that we have already discussed the next shoot, which will be heavily inspired by this one. Thank you again Colin, I look forward to many more shoots with you in the future!"

You can find Chloe on Purpleport, Instagram and Facebook.

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