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Sammie - Portrait & Glamour Shoot

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

February 2020. My second photoshoot with Sammie, after we finished the Valentine's Day set, consisted of exploring three other looks to add to her portfolio.

We started with Sammie's tiara, and a 'Princess' look, which turned quite regal by the end.

We then tried one of sammie's striped tops and lingerie, which were rather striking.

We then used my blue denim boiler suit, which I had just added to my costume collection and had picked this up for £5 in Primark.

The testimonial/reference that Sammie left for me for this shoot said "Our next shoot was involving a lot of different styles throughout the whole shoot, it definitely was one of the creative shoots we had created together. I had originally told Colin that I wanted to test out some creative art nude shots. This shoot was a test for one of our up coming events, we started off with a white beautiful lingerie lace set with a white backdrop and some elegant body shapes.

We then went onto a darker set with a lingerie lace bodysuit of mine where we used a darker backdrop , Colin had set up a few different lighting settings which was different to some of our recent work together. He even marked a spot on the floor to make sure I stayed within the lights to create the same look in each photo as I had a light behind me and two lights to the sides of me which caused less room to move to pose within.

Colin is amazing to work with and I cant wait to carry on working within him."

This is an example of the sort of photographs I take for Portrait Photography. I shoot portraits of all types throughout Devon especially the Exeter, Plymouth and Torbay areas and am based in Newton Abbot. Click on the links for more details.

Sammie can be found on Facebook as Samantha Alternative Freelance Model, Instagram as Samantha, and Purpleport as Samantha9.

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