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Carrie - Fashion & Portrait Photography

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

January 2020. Fashion and Portrait Photography shoot with Carrie, from Exeter, Devon. This is the second time we had shot together and we explored some different looks. This time we concentrated on a fashion look and fashion poses, with a pink theme, and then explored some fashion inspired portraits using one of my vintage, black costumes.

We began by exploring Carrie's versatility with fashion posing, with an idea of using these as frames to create a video, but more is coming on that soon.

Next we went all white and high key.

We then used a pink ballgown on loan to me from another model (Thanks Chelsea) to create a high key effect, which I played around with in Photoshop to add a pink wash, which I just loved.

Then on to my vintage, heavily embroidered black dress from America. This was a real find in a vintage clothing sale, and is one of the stars in my costume collection.

Here is the video I created from this part of the shoot. Just an early attempt by me, as I have a lot to learn about video. However, it does give some of the flavour of what a photoshoot is like.

This is an example of the sort of photographs I take for Fashion Photography and Portrait Photography. I shoot this style of portrait photographs and fashion photographs throughout Devon especially the Exeter, Plymouth and Torbay areas and am based in Newton Abbot. Click on the links for more details.

Here is the reference she left for me - "A second shoot with Colin, and we still played with the contrast of dark and light themes but this time, experimenting with dress wear and the colour scheme of pink and black. I loved the outcome of the images, they resonated with me so well and I cannot wait to work with Colin again."

Carrie can be found on Facebook as Carrie Neilson, Instagram as Carrie Neilson and Purpleport as Cotton Candy 20, and on her new Website.

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