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Many women lack confidence in themselves, have body issues, suffer from anxiety, depression or mental health issues, or feel as though they just blend into the background. This can happen at any age in life, and I encourage women of any age to try this Confidence Builder Photoshoot as it will help to reveal your inner beauty and ease you very gently into having your photograph taken. This is ideal for shy people. The whole session is designed around you, and can help you change your ideas, your attitude and your feelings about yourself in a very positive way. This can also change your perspective about how you believe that others think and feel about you, so that you can end up more positive about your self image and your place in the world. This is also an ideal gift for someone you love, to give them this experience, which can change their life.


All the people I work with say that I have a particularly kind, calming and relaxing manner which puts them at ease, and this is the atmosphere that I bring to the shoot. My work and life background has also given me an understanding and insight into confidence issues and mental health problems, and the daily struggle that so many people fight in silence every day. 


We start by chatting and introduce the photography side when we are both ready. There is no pressure for time, or to achieve a particular result. Everyone loves my dressing-up wardrobe, and we explore what you feel comfortable with and who you really are. It is a fun session where you discover your inner goddess and you will end up with some lovely photos to remember the experience with, and remind you how beautiful you really are.

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