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What is a Model Experience Day?


A Model Experience Day is a relaxed and fun day for anyone wanting to learn more about the wonderful world of modelling. It is designed for someone who has no or very little experience of this area, and is for people of any age. 

Many young, and not so young girls dream of being a model, and this is a day to find out what it is all about, so that you can either just enjoy the day and come away with a portfolio of 15 professional images, or have the knowledge to take the next steps into modelling, being far better prepared, and knowing what to look out for. 

During the day we will be shooting a variety of photographs in a very fluid way, very much determined by your own likes and preferences. 



Bring several outfits to give completely different looks. Remember that what you like wearing and what photographs well can be completely different. We can then play with any of my dressing up clothes and accessories that seem appropriate. Jeans and tee shirt, and a simple dress should also be brought. Simple items are great but plain colours tend to shoot better than patterns, but also bring a few wilder items of clothing to make a contrast.


Remember that we will not be shooting full length all the time and so extra variety toward the top of the body is much more useful, so accessories such as hats, gloves, jewellery, scarves, jackets, shirts, wraps etc. are much more useful than too many pairs of shoes. I have a wide range of costumes in my costume collection that you are welcome to use. 

Hair and Makeup 


Makeup is down to you as I do not have a makeup artist. Bring things along with you to top up your makeup as needed, and things like different coloured lipsticks if this is going to be appropriate for the different looks. 

Hair can make a big difference to your overall appearance, and if there is a choice go for more volume and more curls or waves. 




For new models nervousness is fine. That will very soon evaporate once we get into the shoot. It is up to both of us to work together to produce the best pictures that we can, and your ideas and participation are welcomed and can make a big difference to the shoot. 


Anyone under 18 years old must come with a parent or guardian as a chaperone. Anyone over 18 is encouraged to bring along a friend as support and encouragement. There is a private changing area in the studio. 




I like to start the shoot at 10, and the time we actually take shooting is quite flexible. Modelling can be exhausting work, and I have a lot of material to cover. The pace will be relaxed and we will take regular breaks. I normally aim to finish between 3 and 4 but am quite flexible on the finishing time, as there usually seems a natural end to the day. 


As this is a longer shoot we will use the lunch break to have a rest and chat about modelling in general. I generally cook Pasta Bolognese to be quick, but you are welcome to bring your own food along or skip lunch altogether. I provide tea, coffee and biscuits as needed, but you are welcome to bring along your own refreshments. 


The Shoot 


This is a Model Experience Day shoot at £199. This can be paid in advance through my Bank Account, Sort Code 40-34-31, Account Number 91239546, or my PayPal Account at . Please let me know when you have paid. Alternatively it can be paid cash at the start of the shoot. 


I will provide all images as low resolution watermarked files through Dropbox for you to download and choose your 15 favourites, which I will edit fully and return as complete high resolution non watermarked images. These can be printed as a magazine for an extra charge. 

Finding My Studio 


My home and studio are at 43 Larkspur Drive, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1SD. There is parking in the drive. This is a new road and may not be on all sat navs and maps but is on Google Maps at .


Note that the access to the estate is now only from Ashburton Road, as the entrance to Larkspur Drive from Mile End Road has now been closed.

My mobile number is 07913 937531. Please let me know yours so that we can connect if there is any last minute problems. 


Helping My Business


If you have enjoyed the photoshoot I would very much appreciate it if you could do some little things to help me in my small business and help other people to find me. This would mean a lot to me as photography is my passion. 


If you publish images on social media it would be very much appreciated if you would credit me as the photographer, ideally providing a link back to this website as or to my Facebook Photography Page or Instagram Page


Leaving a reference and a star rating to my Google Business Page by clicking on this link, and also add a reference to my Facebook Business Reviews Page by clicking on this link, scrolling down the middle section to where it says ‘Recommendations and reviews’ and clicking on the Yes button. It is OK if this is the same review that you posted for me elsewhere. This would mean a lot to me. 

I would also really appreciate it if you would give me permission to use any of the images in a blog post or on social media for my website as an example of what i do. 

Thank You

I look forward to a fun day and creating some lovely images. 



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