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Studio Panorama 02-Wider- Full.jpg

My studio in Pinhoe, Exeter is available for hire. It is a single, converted garage, and there is plenty of space for portraits of one or two people. 

Lighting equipment consists of -

  • 3 Radio triggered Lencarta flash heads with universal trigger

  • Soft-box with grid 

  • Beauty dish with grid 

  • 9 inch standard reflectors with grids 

  • Silver and white umbrellas 

  • Very large diffuser panel for daylight effect

Backgrounds consist of - 

  • Electrically operated paper backgrounds in black, grey, white, and beige. 

  • Hand painted canvas backdrops in beige and olive green.

Clothes collection consisting of very many items. 

Accessories and props consisting of 3 chairs and lots of bits and pieces.

Dedicated changing area with large mirror and makeup lights 

Hire cost is £10 an hour for the studio and £15 flat rate for the clothes. 

Please contact me for dates and times as I will need to be there myself to give any help and assistance needed.

Note that all photos are from my old studio in Newton Abbot but the new studio is very similar.

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