Taking a photo is only the half way stage to creating the final image, and the final polish that you provide in the editing can make all the difference between an OK image and one that really stands out. In this talk I start at the absolute beginning to show what you can do with free software, and explain what extra benefits paid software holds, so that you can see what to do and understand how to do it in the easiest way. 

I begin with the basics of editing, working with free and paid software, and what the differences are in practice between different editing programs. I then move on to practical edits which make the most difference in improving your photos and adding to your editing skills. I explain basic tools right through to those using artificial intelligence. 

Although Photoshop and Lightroom are the industry standards they can be difficult to use, especially for beginners, and not everyone will get value for money from their monthly subscription model. I have found that many club photographers have learned these programs gradually over the years, but have never come to terms with the latest advances in workflow and artificial intelligence that these programs have to offer. I show my workflow and do some edits in a way that shows so many people what they are missing in these programs.

I visit camera clubs in my area during normal times, but also do Zoom talks to any camera club, for which I normally charge a fee of £50. I am based in Exeter in Devon. Contact Me​ for further details.

Here are some of the topics I cover in my talk.


You don't need a computer to organise and edit your photos now. You can do it with your phone or tablet. There is online storage and apps to do all this in a very advanced way.


Basic editing is what you need to be able to do on any image to show it at its best, yet many photographers struggle to see what needs doing and knowing how to do it.


There is good software available for free to organise and edit your photos on your computer, and if you are on a tight budget or are just starting out this is a good place to begin.


Advanced editing is not for everyone but you can produce amazing results if you can develop the skills to do it, or know which programs to use which have the features you need.


There are now some great photo editing programs and the problem is finding which one to choose as there are good alternatives to Photoshop and Lightroom. I explain the features to look for.


Software is getting smarter and artificial intelligence (AI) is now able to easily do some editing tasks which needed a lot of time and skill before. Find out which programs give these features.

These are some of the before and after images I use in my talk.

Talks I Have Done

  • 7th Oct 2020 - Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club (Zoom).

  • 17th Sep 2022 - Vale Photographic Club (Zoom).
    'Your talk last Friday was very well received and much appreciated; I’ve had a lot of feedback from members and they join me in a big “thank you” for an educational and thoroughly enjoyable evening – even our most experienced users of Lightroom and Photoshop learned some new skills.' Nick (Vale Photographic Group).

Future Bookings

  • 24th Feb 2022 - Swindon Photographic Society (Zoom)

  • 30th Mar 2022 - Sidmouth Camera Club (In Person)