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A photoshoot can make the ideal gift for someone you love, either for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, engagement, or any other special occasion. It is not only the special photos which count but also the experience of creating them. I am rather good at helping people relax in front of the camera, and making the photoshoot a fun experience, and I can bring out the best in the shyest to the most outgoing people. 

Most of us have lots of photos hanging around but nothing that is special. The experience of a professional photoshoot is one to treasure, and is a very thoughtful and caring gift to give, which will give photos to treasure for ever, either as digital images, or even better as a super print to hang on the wall, or even a printed magazine as an album of the best images.

Photoshoot gifts can be from any style of photoshoot that I do, from straight portrait photography, couples photography, glamour and boudoir shoots, through to my confidence builder shoot for those who need a bit of extra help finding their best self.

Contact me to arrange details, and I can make this a very special gift.

Studio Portraits Devon

Studio portraits make an ideal gift for someone who doesn't have any special photos of themselves.

Confidence Builder Photoshoot

A confidence builder photoshoot is an ideal gift for someone who has lost touch with their inner beauty.

Couples Photography Devon

Couples portraits celebrate being together and are an ideal gift for any couple.

Model Experience Day Devon

Many women dream of being a model and this makes an ideal gift by giving them this experience.

Location Photography Devon

A location photoshoot is an ideal gift for someone who is at home in particular surroundings.

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