People photography is my speciality, both in the studio and on location. I am, after all, 'The Portrait Guy'. 

It is one of those subjects that many photographers feel understandably nervous about, as it is far more than knowing how to use your camera. So many good photographers are nervous about taking the first steps into this genre because relating to the person you are photographing and being confident and prepared are more important than fiddling with your camera. So few photographers have photos of themselves, yet don't even try to take self portraits.

In this talk for Camera Clubs, I share my thoughts, ideas and experience to help you create better portraits by understanding how location, lighting, subjects, posing and editing all play their part to create the final image.


I visit camera clubs in my area during normal times, but also do Zoom talks to any camera club. I am based in Newton Abbot in Devon. Contact Me​ for further details. 

Here are some of the topics I cover in my talk.

Model Photography Devon


Finding models can be hard but I explain how this can be done and how to get out of the 'Catch 22' situation.

Studio Portraits Devon

Studio portraits allow you to control the whole look of the image and I talk about how you can do this to great effect.

Couples Photography Devon


Lighting can make or break a photo and I explain how to make the most of light both outdoors and in the studio.

Location Photography Devon

Location portraits offer wonderful opportunities for creating unique looks and I explain how to get the most from any location.

Headshots Photography Devon


Posing can be hard but I share the hints and tips I have learned for helping people look good in front of the camera.

Full-Length Portraits Devon


Editing can turn a simple portrait into something amazing. I show you what you can do and how to avoid the over edited look.

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Headshots, Portrait Photography, Studio Portraits, Social Media Photography, Photography Talks and so much more.

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