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Personal Tuition

I offer personal tuition on studio photography for any photographer who uses my studio. This is absolutely ideal for anyone new to studio photography, as this is the quickest way to become confident about using my studio and understanding the things you need to know straight away in order to be able to confidently work on your own and know what you are doing. I can show you how versatile my small studio can be, so that you know how to get the most out of it and create so many different looks.


This personal tuition can be booked by the hour and is only and extra £10 an hour on top of the normal studio hire fees. Naturally, if you just hire the studio I am always there to help with any questions you have, or to help move things around, but for a small fee this takes my help to a new level and is something I recommend.

You can bring your own model, in which case the only other cost is the £10 an hour studio hire fee, and a flat fee of £10 to use things from my costume collection if you want.


My recommendation is to use one of my resident models, Chloe or Sammie on one of their Studio Days. Hire them directly for whatever style you wish to shoot and then contact me for the tuition at £10 an hour on top of this. 

I am quite happy for you to decide how long you need my help for on the actual day, and then leave you to shoot on your own.




Sammie is a resident model and has studio days each month. ​



Chloe is a resident model and has studio days each month.

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